Two year old purposely acting out to go in time out

Shannon - posted on 12/18/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




So, I'm dealing with a very strong willed terrible two year old. recently she will start crying and when asked why she says she wants to go in time out. I tell her she did nothing wrong and then she decides to kick me or hit me to get into time out. I'm so confused by her. anyone else having this problem? she gets all of our attention so I am not sure why she is seeking attention in this manner.. thanks


Sarah - posted on 12/18/2014




There could be several ways to look at her behavior. One could be that she is wanting attention and is seeking it out in a negative way.

Another is that she may need an emotional time out. Sometimes kids and adults just need a time out to be able to collect themselves. She could be overwhelmed, tired, sad, mad, etc. and just need space to allow herself to collect her feelings. Since she is 2 yrs old this is VERY hard for her to put into words thus the reason for the behavior. She is telling you that she needs the time out, but can't explain why. What I would suggest is just allowing her a place to go when she needs that time.

If the crying seems to be more for attention then needing a time out then have a crying spot. This is a spot where she can go and cry for as long as she wants, but it is away from others. I use this for some kids when they tend to cry VERY loudly or scream when put in time out for the attention. I am fine with the crying because you got into trouble, but when the crying turns into a "let's make it as loud as I can for attention" then that is different. There is then a spot you can sit and cry for however long you want to and as loud as you would like, but you are not going to have the attention of others so it is in an area where it is further away from everyone else. It is amazing how fast the crying stops and they are ready to come and play then.

Dove - posted on 12/18/2014




Kids are weird. Maybe if she says she wants to go in time out simply tell her to go if she wants... and then walk away and ignore the behavior. If she is seeking attention in negative ways... don't give her that attention and she 'may' stop the behavior quicker.


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