Tyler and his video games. Its driving me crazy!!!! How should i deal with this because taking them away isn't helping. On his last report card he got all Ds and Cs. Yes, i was very mad because he plays videos games then study. If i try to bring it up he gets mad and say he can't be like my other kids who have all As and Bs and he doesn't care to be a A and B student. 1. I never compare my kids to each other and i love them no matter what. I don't know what to do with Tyler because i don't want him to end up 40 years old no job and play video games all day. He use to do dance and the reason i put him in dance was because he broke his ankle in football. So i thought maybe it would get him get strengh back and it did more then just that. He was a amazing dancer and everyone just loved him. Then 10 years old broke his ankle in dance stop because nothing was the same and kids made fun of him. This sounds wierd but i think dance is what made him get good grade because he had something to work hard for. Bad grades no dance for 3 weeks. Now i am trying to get him back but he saying that what gay guys do. I don't want to do because i know he still like dance. But idk i just want to help him, am i just making it worse?


Dove - posted on 10/28/2012




Take away the video games until the grades come up. If they don't come up... sell the games and gaming systems and use the money to pay the tutor you are going to hire him to help. He doesn't have to be an A/B student and if C/D is all he is capable of... fine, but he'd better be doing ALL of his assignments to the best of his ability or the video games would be permanently out of my house.

What else is he interested in besides video games other than the dance? Maybe if he can get involved in another activity that he liked as well as the dance it would lift his mood enough to try harder in school again.

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