Ugh... this pregnancy is miserable!

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When i was pregnant with my daughter (16 mnths old, Candace) i had mornign sickness well into the 6th month, suffered freqent heart burn and gained a ton of weight but other then that it went well and i was happy and excited about all the different stages of pregnancy. I am now about 12 weeks along and agian im suffering from horrible mornign sickness, heartburn and am already gaining weight but this time around im also always exhausted to the point where i have trouble keeping my eyes open, haveing frequent migraines, my legs and feet are already swelling, my back and hips hurt al the time, im haveing horrible mood swings, and on top of this all i have a energic princess to chase around, a part time job, and a nagging/whiney husband so while i AM excited about the baby on the way i am miserable and already sick of being pregnant and i still have a long road ahead of me! I know this sounds like just a big list of complaints but i really am feeling miserable this time around. so my question is, is the second childs pregnancy always worse then the first time around and any advice on making it better?


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I think I slept through most of my first trimester. I would often put a movie on and rest on the couch while my daughter watched (she was 16 months when I got pregnant).

I had such bad morning sickness with both of my pregnancies that I actually lost weight. I compare it to getting your stomach stapled, you take one bite and if you take one more you throw up.

Honestly, forget your weight and eat what you can. After 20 weeks they can give you meds to help. I don't know if you can use the unisom and B6 combination now, but ask your doctor. Just be aware that you will be sleepy on them, unisom is a sleeping pill after all. This didn't work for me because I couldn't keep the meds down long enough for it to be effective.

B12 will help you with energy. B vitamins are water soluble so you don't have to worry as much about overdosing on them. Just drink plenty of water.


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I’ve used No to morning sickness tea for both pregnancies and have found it to work pretty well through the first few week when I had really bad morning (more like all day) sickness.

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