UK moms, please sign petition to get lip tie routinely checked at birth

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I found Sam K's story on another website. My own dd has lip tie and it would have made a massive difference if it was checked at birth (instead I discovered it now at 28mth through the internet). We had lot of difficulties with breastfeeding and it hurts her when eating certain foods (any raw veg or fruit, etc). Me and my dd were blamed for her not gaining enough weight when she was little, and to think it could have been easily fixed soon after birth is just .... well it makes me sad, angry, disappointed and all. We are taking her to the dentist next week and will ask for advice then, but to think she'll have to go under general a...
So please sign this petition, here is her story:

Ok everyone it really is time for you to show your support and make a difference. Here is a link to the petition I have set up to try and make it standard practise to check for lip tie at birth. Please sign it and share it, we need thousands of signatures to make it count.

Here is my story

I am starting a campaign to try and raise awareness of something called lip-tie. It’s a condition that lots of babies are born with (10%-15% of the population) and can potentially affect their ability to feed and, later on, cause issues with speech and teeth. It’s as it sounds, their lip is ‘tied’ to their gums by an extra bit of skin – the degree of tie can vary – sometimes it can cause no problem at all, and other times can be more serious.

The reason I am doing this is because I have discovered, completely by accident, our precious Olivia has it. It is not checked for at birth and in fact health visitors and midwives don’t seem to even have heard of it.

Due to her lip-tie I was forced to combination feed after three days as she wasn’t gaining enough weight. As a new mother I was really upset about it and felt like a failure that couldn’t provide for her baby. Little did I know that it wasn’t me at all.

Since finding out myself and posting on forums about it, other Mums have discovered their little ones have it too, and indeed now know why there were initial issues with feeding.

I want all babies to be checked for this routinely at birth so that if they have it, potential feeding issues can be explained and perhaps given guidance with. Also for anyone who has a baby in the future to be aware of its existence so they can check themselves and be aware of its potential implications.

Thanks for your support- Sam K xx

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