Ulcers and swollen gums and not eating

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Can anyone please help?

My 2 year old has ulcers on his tongue for the past 5 days. Now his gums are starting to swell and on the top where they are most swollen you can barely see his teeth and they bleed easliy when touched. I took him to the doctor and they just told me it was a viral infection and that it would heal on its own. Im just concerned because it looks pretty bad and painful ( he cant eat any solid foods but desperately wants to) so i would just like to know if anyone has gone through this with their child and how long will it take for it to go away? What treatments were used?

Thank you in advance for your replies.


Jacinta - posted on 12/06/2012




I haven't been through this but my best advice to you is

Ice his gums it would numb the gum and hopefully make the swelling go down.

Give him some baby paracetamol that you can get from the chemist never use more than what it spins tufts you to and use it the correct time apart as well.

As much as he wants to eat solids give him things such as mashed up banana etc things that he doesn't have to chew.

Try not to let him touch them as much as they may be sore!

For the ulcers get half a cup (just over) of warm water out some salt in it stir it around and wash his mouth out in it like get him to swirl it around then spit it out (it doesn't taste good but really helps DO NOT let him swallow it!)

If it keeps up for longer than I'd say a week go back to the doctor keep bagging them until he gets some antibiotics or the doctor actually takes action or give you some home remedies to do!

Good luck Hun hope your son gets well soon!

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