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It really bothers me when I see kids unsupervised in th streets. These kids in our neighborhood are little kids, 3,4,5 around that age and not one adult is out watching them.


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Nope, I cant tell you how many times we've come home and had to wait in the road for minutes for somebody to finally come out of the house, then when they do they come out screaming to move and just go back inside. I wont even let my 9 year old go out that offten by himself, ill sit for a while then take them all in with me.

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It is a somewhat small block, 8 houses lol. But there is alot of cars that come and go and they are pretty young

Katherine - posted on 06/22/2011




Is it a sub? We were just talking about this and some parents are just free range parents. If they see no imminent danger they feel it's ok to let their kids be outside like that.

Although 3 is kind of young...

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