unfair treatment as a male

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i have a 2 year old daughter.her mom left me for another man a week before she was born.since then her mother has drug me through the courts on numerous charges.all of which i was aquitted of.i have a new gf whose three kids i am helping to raise.i am currently launching a legal battle for custody of my daughter as every attempt i have made to contact her has been blocked by some sort of lie to the police.i have been trying to see my baby girl since she was born.i have a room here set up for her.i have toys that were bought for her on every holiday and baby furniture that is still in boxes.we have a 6 bedroom house and i want to give my daughter everything her heart desires.i think its sickening how you women get together in your little sewing circles and plot like this.i dont drink and my babys mom is an alcoholic.i dont touch drugs and my babys mother hangs out at drug houses.and everywhere i look for help i find nothing but information about how to stop a father from seeing his kid.well let me tell you something else.the laws here recently changed.courts now look at what my gf is doing and trying to do as what is called parental alienation and courts favor the father more often now.i have an amazing lawyer and i am now seeking full custody as i intend to prove how unstable she is.i alos want to add.in case anyone thinks im a deadbeat or whatever.after she left me i begged her to let me see the baby.i went as far as to offer that i would pay every expense she had including her phone,hydro,rent..etc.everything and by law im only required to pay 300.


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What the hell is a sewing circle anyway? I can barely sew buttons. lol

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I'm sorry for what you are going through, but don't come on a MOM'S site and say something like...

*i think its sickening how you women get together in your little sewing circles and plot like this.

Do some women do that? Yes, I'm sure they do... I've even seen crap like that on this site, but....

grouping women like that is just as bad as calling every man a worthless dead beat. It flat out isn't true.


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Liz - posted on 02/22/2013




This really isn't the support site that you need, especially given your attitude as already mentioned by Dove. This is a site for women to support each other and share what concerns them. A post that talks about 'you women' in the confrontational way that yours does has no place here.

I believe that there is a Circle of Dads planned; where it is on the schedule of vision to reality, I don't know.

I do sympathise with your position and hope that you find some resolution and a better place to get some advice. Good luck.

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