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Lyndal - posted on 02/10/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am out of my mind at the moment. I am a a mother of 2 girls, 8 & 4. I have been in a relationship with their father for the past 10 years. He has always had weird sleeping patterns due to his shift work. Even when he has 2 weeks off work he still can't get to sleep at night, staying up till all hours than sleeping till at least 12.30 -1.00pm the next day. I have pretty much had enough. He has had the past 10 days off work. I get home at 6.00pm and still have to bath the girls and organize their dinner. I also pack lunches and get them to school by 7.30am so I can get to work by 8.30am He might run a vacum over the house during the day but that's it. I try to fit all the housework, taking care of children into my time frame. What does he do all night if he can't fall asleep. Nothing! He sits on the lounge for hours watching TV or is punting online. I feel that he is leaving everything for me to do while he picks and chooses what he wants to do. He leaves the house every night pretty much to go to the "shops" which basically means the shops and the pub so he can put some money in his TAB account so he can come home and bet online. I have been up everyday this week, going to work and doing canteen at my daughters school. I asked for this morning off and said he could take my daughters to iceskating lessons which is something I usually do. He said no as he didn't get to bed till 6.30am! I never get a break. All I do is go to work and look after my girls. He has the freedom to come and go whenever he wants. Sorry for the rant but I really need some advice. I am acutally thinking of ending the relationship as I am just not happy. He is very hard to talk to about anything so I don't even know how to start up a conversation with him about how I am feeling. Should I say or should I go??


Kaitlin - posted on 02/10/2012




Seriously? Kick his lazy butt in gear! You deserve a little help! That's so childish. You obviously care about him, I never encourage leaving someone without giving them a real chance- unless there's abuse involved, and this could be on it's way to neglect (of you, your kids). Though to be fair, I only know of what you've posted, which I"m hoping is more of a rant than a whole story.

Try talking to him, if he refuses, tell him it's counseling or he can leave. He needs to step up and be a man. You've been with him for ten years? So he's at least ten. A ten year old can do chores and act semi responsibly, so she he. ;)


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Tina - posted on 02/10/2012




Try explaining to him how you feel it may be a wake up call. If not you know where you stand.

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