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I am married for over 15 years. He's a controlling, mean, harsh, unloving, fearful, prideful man. But his behavior has always been justified because it's always my fault. And if not my fault someone else's. Last year he started F bombing my 13 yr daughter about who knows what...her attitude, what she's watching on tv, listening to on radio. This would go on for hours, sometimes days, sometimes waking her up late late at night to start a fight. Anyways, she started cutting this past fall. She is now so full of aniexty we had to pull her out of school to homeschool. He has stopped yelling at her but now feels he has the right to open her locked door at anytime unannounced. She has been walked in on while dressing multiple times. So now she has joined the circus ring of being woken up to a verbal lashing, privacy invaded and controlled beyond. Homeschooling has been his agenda for years now. Seriously, WTH. I am wrapping my head around all this. I just found out he has spent all our money, has not paid our credit cards, maxed out our credit cards, taken credit cards out in my name, invested poorly in stock market. Creditors call constantly. I haven't worked in over 15 years. I don't even know how I could even make enough money to pay for my car and gas let alone these kids. The worst thing about all this is he's a well known, respected Christian man. just don't know where to go


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Michelle - posted on 02/07/2015




I'm with the other ladies, you need to get out ASAP!!!!
His behaviour ISN'T justified, he's an asshole and abusive.
Find a women's shelter and get yourself and daughter out.

Jodi - posted on 02/07/2015




Ok, I'm going to be totally blunt with you here. Why the FUCK are you still with this man? For the sake of your daughter's mental health, if not your own, I don't care HOW you do it, you need to get out. Find yourself a counsellor/therapist and get some help and find some avenues of support in your area. But this child will end up out of your custody if you don't. If I were her school, by now, Child Protection would already be on your doorstep - I'm surprised this hasn't already happened.

If you truly can't find a way out, then call Child Protection yourself. They actually CAN help you get out of a situation that is unhealthy for your children and help you put strategies in place to protect your own children. You are very clearly in a situation you don't have the tools to get yourself out of, but you do need to get your children out of this situation for their safety. I know it may mean emergency care for your children while you get your situation sorted out so you can find somewhere to go, but the children absolutely cannot be in this environment.

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