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My daughter is spoiled i can't leave her alone i always have to hold her i cant sleep at night and she's only 6months i need help please


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You cannot...I repeat...cannot spoil a baby at that age. In order to 'spoil' a child, they have to know that they can get whatever they want in the form of possessions from you without any issue. A 6 month old baby only needs love, comfort, food and a feeling of security - giving that to them isn't really spoiling them...it's meeting their basic needs. You can, however, do what's called 'accidental parenting'. You may have (not purposefully) done things to train her to expect that comfort in ways that you didn't intend on. For example, many parents wait until their baby is fully asleep before putting them to bed...that trains the baby that they cannot sleep unless in mom or dad's arms and rocked to sleep...then when the parent is sick of that...they put the baby in a cot and expect them to automatically know to go to sleep there.
Your baby needs training...and that training will take time.
What exactly do you want? To be able to leave the room or to leave her with a babysitter? Do you want her to sleep in her own room or sleep through the night? Let me know what you are specifically wanting, and then I could help.
You have to realize too that babies go through a 'clingy' stage...where they can't cope with strangers and have separation anxiety. This is NORMAL and is a GOOD SIGN. It means baby has bonded with you and knows you are safe...this typically makes happy, secure, high self-esteem kids later in life because they can trust their world and feel more confident. Do not force her to stay for hours with someone she doesn't trust...that will not help her later in life. This stage is temporary, but can last for months in some babies. It's frustrating, but very good.
The sleep thing is different though...I need more information on that before I can help.

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