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Dashka - posted on 05/29/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am a single mother who wants full sole custody of my child. I want to take this to court and I know it is going to get ugly. The thing is her father will not fight me because I see he is emotionally detached. I encourage him to come see his daughter but he stopped coming after a few months of her birth. My baby girl fears him whenever she sees him. His mother will be doing the battle the battle with good lawyers and I want to know what should I do so at least I have the upper hand of this situation. I want to give him more time to get mature and do his fatherly duties but he wants his mother to raise my daughter instead. I don't want him to stop seeing his daughter but he gets in my way when it comes time for me making decisions. I'm afraid they might pull up some lies to make me look bad, but I go to school and I had to switch from per diem to full time employee to make sure she eats and have a shelter to keep her warm. He doesn't give me money his mother does and that's only when I ask for it and I ask may be once or twice every other month. He gives me lies when I ask him for money. He's been lying to me from the day that I met him and caught onto it during pregnancy. I am no longer with him and would call my mother just to know my personal business like if I am with someone but he will not ask about his daughter unless I mention it. I just want to be able to make all the decisions and I don't really want the child support because I don't want to deal with him anymore. I don't mind him seeing the baby because he sees her when my mother is around and I'm either at work or in school. He also sees her when I go get money from his mother and he happens to be around. All he does with his money is smoke and drink and probably spend it on other things but he will not spend it on his daughter. He doesn't even call to ask if his daughter needs something. I even had my mother to call him to ask him just for diapers nothing else and he gives a lie that his grandmother is holding onto it because she wants to see the baby. I told the mother I offered to come over a few times and they bailed out on me. What am I to do?


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You do not have to worry because if the judge see that you are in better stable condition and taking care of the child you will win, so it does not matter how much he try to lie

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