Unstable woman at church wanted to hold my baby, I told her no and she got upset and accused me of being "unChristian"

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I need help. I am uncomfortable letting an unstable woman (possible drug addict) hold my baby at church. I flat out told her "no" when she asked to hold him and got very upset at me, pointing out to onlookers that many people hold my baby and why not her? I left the situation, but she was upset and ranting for a long time. I know that she'll confront me next Sunday. What do I say? She told people that it was unchristian of me to discriminate (she is African American, and she's a recovering drug addict who comes from an abusive background). Honestly, whether she is African American doesn't matter. He is held by many African Americans at my church. The truth is, she is being singled out because I don't know or trust her. And, I honestly don't want my son to be too friendly with her because what if he learns to trust her and she goes "unstable" on him? What would you all do?


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I would tell her no again and tell her that I do not know you and until I do you are not going to hold my baby.

Once we were at a laundry mat doing laundry. This woman came in with her daughter and they were never clean as in taking baths. You could smell them from the front door to several feet away. We had my daughter playing on the floor on her blanket and she was fine. Before I know it this woman's girl is holding her and walking off with her. I went up to her and asked her not to pick up my child again and to leave her alone. She did not go off on me or anything about me telling her daughter about it but....point was I did not know her and I sure as heck was not about to let that child wander around with my baby.

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