Unsure how to deal with a teacher.

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I recently got very sick and when i went to pick up my son i felt so horrid that i accidentally parked where i shouldn't have to pick him up. A teacher who saw this decided she wanted to complain about it, which i find reasonable. What i didn't find reasonable is that she then sent that complain VIA my son. And i don't mean a note or letter, she quite literally gave him a verbal message to give to me pertaining to saying I shouldn't have parked where i did. My son is mildly autistic and tends to repeat things word by word and what he repeated very much sounded like someone being told off. I respect the teachers need to tell me I shouldn't have parked their, but is it wrong of me to be agitated by her using my son as a medium for the communication? A teacher reprimanding a parent through a child seems to be somewhat the same as arguing in front of a child when it is put across like that especially. What should I do, Am i wrong to find this inappropriate?


Danielle - posted on 05/03/2014




oh no you are not. that is also some form of child abuse, it can make the child feel low about him self if he can understand, she is treating him like a robot, she handled that so inappropriately and not properly. I have friends that are in that are special needs teachers, they would not tolerate another teacher doing this either. If she just starts with this then there could be other things she does with other kids that no one knows about. And you know they wont be able to tell if the teacher is doing wrong. I hope you report this to the district

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