unswaddling my baby

Meghan - posted on 07/19/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




i have a 6 month old daughter and she is used to being swaddled bundled up to take her naps and sleeping at night. she is very moble now so we are trying to get her out of the habit of being swaddled but if i just lay her down to nap she eather moves around in her crib and wont go to sleep or she wakes her self up by rubbing her face with her hands. (thats the hole reason we swaddled her in the first place) how or what do i do?


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Sue - posted on 07/25/2012




Hey Meghan, I am also amazed she loves her swaddle so much. My bub was over it by aboout 2 months, I found him so many times with the swaddle over his head it was more stress than anything else! Once they start rolling, they do need to have their arms free for safety as you say, and it sounds like she's at that stage now. I went to sleeping bags with my bub and found these work great. They are lovely and cosy, and arms are free. If her hands bother her with arms out, did you try little mittens? Good luck, Sue

Elizabeth - posted on 07/19/2012




Firstly, I cannot believe you have been able to do it for this long. All 3 of my children were done with swaddling by about a month old. They wiggled out and liked to have the freedom to move.

I would suggest you just loosen it up with each sleep time and she will get used to it. When she wakes up from her nap don't go running to go get her either. Let her wait a little bit because it is normal to have different stages of sleep..just like us adults. Don't you wake up sometimes during the night? Children do too. But we have to teach them to soothe themselves back to sleep.

My daughters have always had a very good sleep schedule...teething interrupted this but when the teething ended so did the sleep upsets. Hang in there and remember that the things that seem like such a big deal now...we probably won't even remember in 3 months as our children get to different stages in development.

Meghan - posted on 07/19/2012




I know that i could keep swaddling her but she likes to roll around even in the swaddle. Now my husband dose not like it because she ends up face down i the mattress and no way to push up because shes swaddled.

Krista - posted on 07/19/2012




There's no harm in continuing to swaddle her. Once she's ready to move on from swaddling, she'll start breaking out of the swaddle more and more often. Maybe just start loosening the swaddle a bit.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 07/19/2012




That is pretty impressive that you have been able to swaddle for so long! I have never heard of someone doing it for 6 months. She must really like it and need it for comfort. I am not sure of any negative effects of continuing to do it, so that is probably what I would do, just continue until she grows out of it? Or just deal with her being awake and playing until she falls asleep. I am afraid I don't have any easy solutions. Good luck.

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