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Since I got pregnant with my second child, my hubby and in-law been bugging me to get an abortion done. I was working at the restaurant as a supervisor just to keep myself busy and try not to take any tension. But my in-law kept telling me that she won't be able to looking after my child so better quit my job and stay home. Otherwise get an abortion. Yes, she've been eating my head out until I gave a birth to a handsome boy. It wasn't the end of story. My hubby got lost his job and he asked me to go back to work. But my in-law started to get furious and said "Who's gonna look after the baby? I told u I can't look after the baby." So I stayed home til now (it's been 5months) and hubby is still no job. I had c-section and I wasn't able to rest since I gave a birth till now and it just too much to handle these tensions. I wasn't able to feed my baby in full satisfaction of breast milk. Formula is too expensive to buy and am feeling that these people are taking advantage of me cause I don't have any family with me. Meanib, even I want to get out of this place, I can't because I really don't have any place to go and don't have anyone to support me. They are so good wit my first child but not with my second child.
I just...I just wish that I have someone who can help me and my baby. I would love to work to support my baby needs and willing to pay back.
All I can do rigy now is..pray..

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