Update on Mirena IUD Removal...

Regina - posted on 11/23/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




Had my Mirena IUD surgically removed from my Uterine Wall back in 2013! Haven't been back to the Doctor since. I know it messed up my insides. Don't mean to sound ignorant about my anatomy- just don't care. We live and we die. period. Anyways, I never SUED or SEWED my doctor. My comment regarding malpractice was merely a frustrated rant. Yes, I admit, I did not follow procedure. I thought that this (CIRCLE OF MOMS COMMUNITY) was a women's support community. I only reached out, out of desperation, hurt, and frustration. The women in this community ALL shook their fingers at me scolding me, blamed me, and even corrected my grammar! How typical. Next time you take the time to respond to someone in a support community, think about ... SHOWING SOME SUPPORT. Thanks to all who responded, anyways. Disheartening as it was to hear from you


Michelle - posted on 11/23/2016




I just went back and read your post from 2011 and the ladies were actually trying to get more information from you and you didn't respond to any of them.
No one was nasty, they were just trying to understand why it hadn't been found earlier.
Why bother bringing this up after 5 years?

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