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Kathybirdy - posted on 08/28/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi there , My name is Kathy. Im a Chinese from HK married with an Aussie , we live in Melbourne .I have a 7 months old new baby with my husband , we been married for 2 years , and he has 2 boys 18 and 15 years old with his Ex partner. We used to have his 2 boys with us 100% but since last year the 15 years old one we dont let him come back to our house , because he brought friends over when we ere not there and stoles a new pack of smoke , me and my husband were so angry about that, and the point is he doesn't respect me at all, he doesn't even bother to call my name, no "Please","Thank You "... And he doesn't really sttend to school everyday ( he might just attend to school 2-3days a week), we had spoke to him nice , angry , we try everything as we can, but he doesn't listen to us at all, he rang my land line number at home, he knew that was me but he just said " I want to talk to dad " .I was really disappointed, After that i had spoke to my husband about that , i can't stand with this any more , i know he is teenager but is doesn't mean he can disrespect me as nobody ! Then my husband has spoke to him then he doesnt came back at all , i feel relax when he's not here ! I knew sounds Evil but i cant help because i dont want to be with someone who disrespect me as a human ! Last year before we designed to have a baby , my husband spoke to my mother in law to let her know we were planning to have a baby, but she said " You cant even afford you 2 boys , how can you have one more baby , and i am not gonna to pay anything for that baby ! " , then we though it is doesn't matter because when she seen the baby she could change her mind. Day after Day my baby is 7 months old now, my mother in law still visits us once a week , she brought dinner for us , thats so nice to us . But one thing she loves to bought some gifts for my older stepson (18) , sometimes underwears , shirts ... anything he needs or says she will just get for her , but since my baby dorn til now she bought him only a pram , that was a mother's day gift for me, i feel something wrong there i spoke to my husband , then my husband said Of course she does loves baby the same as others " , but i dont really feel that way , because as a grandmom yes this kid might be extra kid in this family but this is her grandkid , but why she doesn't get him a little thing at all ? I feel really bad everytime when she came over when i saw her bought something to others grandkids but not mine , i feel it is so unfair tp my baby ! Yes he doesn't understand whats going on now, but one day when he grow up , if he ask " Why Nanny bought Jake and Max ( his half brothers ) presents but not me ?" what should i say to him , is it o should say " Well because she doesnt feel we should have you because daddy has other 2 boys already !" , OMG i try to make my husband to understand thats hurt baby and my 's feeling , but he said to me " What do you want me to tell her , she is my mum , and i dont feel anything wrong she get them some presents , if i tell her to stop to get them presents thats not fair for Jake and Max . And that is so rude to tell an old lady to get something for baby ! " I dont know what can i do now , i just dont want my baby grown up in a unfair family , what can i do ??? Or there have nothing wrongs at all i just think too much ??

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