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Jessica - posted on 11/19/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hiya, i'm 17 years old and a first time mum to my 1 month old son, he's my whole world.. I'm looking for a little advise, The problem I'm experiencing is he doesn't tend to like sleeping at night, he's a nightmare to get to sleep. During the day he's perfect, we both wake up around 9, I bath and dress him then we do day to day activities (go into town, clean up, cook ect) he has a bottle every 3 hours and naps between. Occasionally he will stay awake abit but rarely. When it comes to bedtime he won't sleep, I give him his bedtime bottle cuddle him abit then put him into his Moses basket to sleep but then he suddenly has a whole lot if energy and will be awake for hours. I am exhausted and in desperate need of some advise on changing his body clock so he'll sleep. I'm exhausted I try sleep whilst he does, but I've a house to keep running so i don't have time. I don't know if its silly asking for this advice but I really need some advise/guidance. Thank you in advance xx


Sarah - posted on 11/19/2013




Try keeping him awake more between the daytime feedings. Often times newborns will have their days and nights mixed up (in the womb they sleep when you move (day) and then move when you sleep (night) so that is what they carry on doing after birth. At first I would try just getting an extra 15 mins or so of awake time between the day time feedings. At night if you are not already doing so keep it low key when he wakes up for those middle of the night feedings. Having either no light or a soft light on, keep tv/radio off, and as little interaction as possible. This helps let your baby know that it is night time not play time. I would always try to feed in the nursery so trying to keep as little stimulation as possible. If I could I also tried not changing the diaper. If they were not poopy and did not seem too wet I would just leave the diaper until the next feeding. The nice thing to know is that those middle of the night feedings don't last forever.

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