Us males are NOT all the same!!!

Dave - posted on 04/30/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My marriage had Brocken down after 14 years; long story short I became involved with a woman with 2 children the boys 14 &the girl is 20. I now believe I shouldn’t have moved in as quickly as I did!!! You know what it’s like when you first get involved you are smitten, so of course your doing your fare share around the house washing /cleaning/the usual stuff .Then the cracks start to appear
I started to notice that her children never ever help around the house, and it winds me up no end.
I feel that I’m there skivvy, ive tried to plod on and not allow it to take over and eat away at me!!!
The 20 year old daughter doesn’t pay her way she’s allowed to keep everything she earns from her f/t job. Has her boyfriend staying over whenever it suits her, doesn’t ask permission just tells her mother that he’s staying and that’s that!!! When she’s been asked to help around the house she has told her mother to (F off) as she works full time and why should she help. I feel trapped as I’ve just recently gone self employed and I know I will need at least £1,000 to get the hell out of here!!!
My partner has only said this morning to me that I’ve become moody, I wouldn’t call it moody myself I’ve just become withdrawn and I’m losing my mojoe, I’ve tried talking to her about how I’m feeling but it’s me with the problem yet again, I will promise myself this when I leave I will never get into a situation like this ever again!!! I also feel I can’t say anything because it’s not my home even though I clean/ cook/ wash the things men should be doing by the way.


Michelle - posted on 04/30/2014




You surely can say something. My now husband moved in with me and manage to co parent very well with my 2 oldest from my 1st marriage. He sets the rules when I am working and if it wasn't for him my boys (aged 12 & 10) wouldn't be doing their own washing or making their own lunches for school.
The problem is with your GF and the lack of communication and respect. My husband moved in after only knowing each other for 4 weeks so that's not the problem.
Try counselling, that way you can say things to each other with someone else there and get your feelings across.

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