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Harley - posted on 02/11/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have been doing alot of research on using doulas at birth, but I was just wondering what some people experiance was using a doula?..


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I actually hired a Doula for my last birth. I also had 5 midwifes from the OBGYN practice, along with 1 doctor. I feel if you truly want the best of the best, get a midwife and doctor team. Due to my experience, I would not think about getting a doula again. Here is my story....

My first child was an emergency C-Section. The hospitals in my area when I was pregnant with my second, pretty much banned VBAC'S (vaginal birth after c section) and I was determined to find somewhere that would....and have extra support from a doula. The only practice that I could find was 1 hour away...and it was a midwifery & doctor practice. So, we did not have time to call the doula. She was not the first thing on my mind...

I went into labor FAST! We had to drive very fast to get to the hospital in time which was 1 hour away (60 miles). My husband was driving while I was pretty much sitting on my daughter. I almost delivered in the care, and he was on the phone with the midwife the whole time indcase he had to deliver our baby.

Well, after my daughter was born, safe and sound in the hospital (we made it) we called the doula. She was MAD AT ME FOR NOT CALLING HER! Can you believe that? She was actually pissed off and said we should have gotten off the phone with the midwife and made sure to call her.

Anyhow, I ended up writing an apologetic e mail to her for giving birth without her. FFS. I actually felt bad until I realized WTF?????

So this may have been very much the individual, but she turned me off from the idea of a doula being a good thing. My advice? Find a midwife....they are amazing! At least mine were.

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