using crib bumper pads

Heather - posted on 05/31/2009 ( 10 moms have responded )




I was wondering when i should stop using the bumper pads? My son is 7 mo & he pulls himself up. I heard you should stop when they start to pull up. Please Help


Dawn - posted on 05/31/2009




I would take them off when they started pulling up....but my now 14.5 month old kept getting her legs stuck (and I mean stuck!) in the slats. I found a breathable mesh bumper that is very thin (she can't use it to help her climb) and keeps her arms and legs in. A good alternative for us.


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Deidre - posted on 05/31/2009




Yup, go ahead and take them out. It is better to do it now than later I think. My daughter had a rough time adjusting to not having them in there anymore and I hate to think of what it would have been like if I had waited longer. She liked to cuddle next to the bumper and play with the little butterfly on it (her bedding is a purple butterfly theme) and it also helped block out the light that filtered into her room when I opened her bedroom door, so that took some getting use to. I think I took hers out permanently at about 7mo old. And that was before she started pulling herself up on her own but she was sitting unsupported at that age which is what motivated me to get rid of 'em.

Kimi - posted on 05/31/2009




I think bumper pads are silly and they should design cribs better. If the bars were closer together than arms and leggs wouldn't get stuck. I think I saw a crib like that at Ikea and it was even a bit smaller than a traditional crib. A baby that dosn't even move yet dosn't need bumpers and is just more at risk to SIDS as soon as she can roll into them especially if she only knows how to roll in one direction and gets stuck. It's way easier to change bedding when they are gone too.

Jalyna - posted on 05/31/2009




well I never had a problem w/ my girls climbing out of their crib but I did have problems w/ their chubby little legs getting stuck in between the bars. And my 21 month old uses a binkie at nite and if the pad isn't up high enough it falls on the floor at nite and I have to search for it.

Teri - posted on 05/31/2009




I actually removed them as soon as my kids moved. With the last one I didn't even put it in there. I walked in on my daughter one day at about 3 or 4 months old and she had moved over to the edge and was caught between the pad and the crib. I put it further down and the next nap she did the same only this time was crying and was tangled so much I had to cut it. My son started getting under and over it as well so I just didn't use them.

Jeanne - posted on 05/31/2009




My boys is 18 months and I haven't stopped using the pads because he was getting his feet stuck through the bars of the crib. What I did do was fold them in half and tack them before putting them back into the crib - I did this at about six months when he started pulling himself up.

Wendy - posted on 05/31/2009




I have three children and as soon as they could wriggle around in their cots I took the bumpers off and thank goodness I did. All three of my babies wriggled so much in their sleep that I would quite often check on them in the night and find them on their sides face up against the bars and arms and legs dangling out. I dread to think what could have happened if their little faces had been pressed up against one of the cot bumpers.

Christal - posted on 05/31/2009




I still use them in my daughters crib, she is 5 months and all over the place. I just make sure to tie them tighly and i check on her once in the middle of the night. I just dont want her to hit her head on the bars. she tends to get upset sometimes when i put her to sleep and she pushes herself up against the side. so i like them there.

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I heard that too. I read it's because they can use the bumper pad to climb out of the crib. So I guess if you feel your pad is stiff enough that your son could do that then I would stop using it.

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