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I need tips on getting my son's to use other people's toilets. My boys are 3 and 2 years old. They will use our toilet and they use our potty anywhere, in the park, back of the car, in the street etc... But I can not get them to use other people's toilets. This wasn't a problem untill my 3 year old started nursery. Last week he wet himself 5 times in one day and he's only there for three hours. They said that he was hysterical when they tried to get him to the toilet and he even kicked his teacher. It's not that they wont use other toilets they wont even go in them. They will walk to them but as soon as you open the door and they see that it's a toilet they start backing away. I have no idea why they do this. As far as I know nothing bad has ever happened in one. Any help will be helpful.


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I agree with a lot of what Kelly said. Also, do they sit when they pee or stand up? If they sit, teach them to stand....that might ease the fear of sitting on the toilet, especially if it is a taller toilet. Also, first thing in the morning at daycare, bring them in yourself to get them used to being in there, and help them with the peeing. It might ease the fear.

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Ask them! The 2 year old is probably responding to the 3 year old so focus on him. Start with someone you know like Grandma or a close friend and a playdate with kids of her own. Maybe other toilets have a louder flush? commercials ones do which are generally the public toilets. So try flushing without going or get him to go and someone will flush it for him after he leaves? just some ideas to get the ball rolling. Reward him. Today if you stay dry and use the potty at school we will go to the dollar store afterwards and you can pick out anything you want. Once he has tried it a couple of times he will get over his fear and realize everything was fine. Do not start carrying the potty everywhere and give him an alternative. I would put him back in a pullup to be safe. My oldest son was afraid of peeing in the potty period. Would hide and not use it as it just scared him to go in it. not afraid to sit on it just wouldn't use it. Said he didn't have to go and then would hide and pee. so one day I hauled it into his room (to the wall and carpet so I could get comfortable!) I bought i a stack of books and salty snacks and juice box and we read until he peed without thinking about it. He had this shocked look on his face followed by a smile and lots of praises and a reward and I kid you not after that that kid NEVER wet himself again. to this day even at 17 he still does not like "firsts". Very cautious on the unknown : ) so baby steps with your son. You have to deal with the issue outside of of school and practice it with praising and rewards in the safest spot.

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Why don't you buy one of those plastic toilet seats, the travel ones. That might help.

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You could always get dad to take them to nursery and go for a pee, demonstrating that there is nothing to be scared of. Something has spooked them and you need to get to the bottom of it (no pun intended)


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