Using the bathroom with your child/another child in the same room

Rachel - posted on 06/17/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




I have a 14 month old son and I recently started taking care of an 18 month old boy, along with my son 4 days of the week. At home I usually leave the bathroom doors open and just go quickly, unless I know I'm going to be in there for awhile and then I'll make sure my son is playing in his room and I'll close the door. Now at the other boy's house I feel a little weird about just going in front of him, but if I close the door he starts screaming almost immediately. Sometimes I'll get him and my son playing and try to quietly sneak away but sooner or later the other boy notices I'm gone and ends up right outside the bathroom door wailing. I'm guessing his parents never close the door. I know he's only 18 months so it's probably ok to leave the door open, but at what age would that not be appropriate?? I'm not even that comfortable going in front of my own son, let alone another child.....any thoughts?? I drink a lot of water and can't only go during their naps.


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i have a 6 year old and i take him with me in the womens restroom and i wont even let him go tell he is 10 in the mens bathroom i dont care if he sees me pee he seen me naked in the shower i also dont care if he ask me why i have to sit and pee.

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I would ask his mother if they are okay with you using the bathroom with the door open, explain he cries when he can't see you. I think he just likes to know you are there, so if you an cover yourself up to be more comfortable,and his parents are okay with then, then leave the door open. Otherwise shut the door but talk to him the entire time.

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Let him wail if you're going to be in there a short time. You went in and you came back out. he'll be fine.

It will no longer be appropriate to pee in front of someone elses' child when they get old enough to ask questions.


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Chet - posted on 09/06/2014




We have a very open door policy in our house. Our kids are close in age, and when we had a 2 month old, a 19 month old, a 4 year old and a 5 year old I always had to be listening, or taking younger kids into the bathroom with me, or kids would come to the bathroom looking for me... and we just got used to it.

Now our kids are older (our oldest turned 10 in the spring and is in grade 5, and our youngest is nearly five, but still at home full time) and we're still pretty open-door with the bathroom. Nobody has shown any signs of discomfort though. And when we use public washrooms I often take multiple kids into the wheelchair stall with me because it's faster if the next kid is peeing while the previous kid is getting their clothes in order again.

Anyway, I would talk to the mom about it. With bathroom stuff and skin exposure (I hesitate to say nudity because you can be without anything really showing) I'd want the parents to know that exact situation, and be okay with it.

I think it's fine to say "I am absolutely not comfortable and need 30 seconds alone in the bathroom" if that's what you need, but if you can suck it up and the parents are fine with it, I would suck it up since he's so little.

Lisa - posted on 10/02/2011




my son is 9 and daughter is 10
it not usual for one of them be in bathroom when we use it.
we do not think any thing about it

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I would go in front of my daughter, she always followed me in and I always explained that I was going to the toilet and when she was a big girl she would be using the toilet too. However I don't think I'd like to go in front of another persons child, not would I be overly happy with someone else peeing in front of her...

I guess just close the door and reassure him that you are doing something and you will be out in a minute, if he's not used to being left with other people he maybe feels some sort of abandonment by his mother and thinks you're going to run off and leave him too. Maybe take him into the bathroom a couple of times (when you're not going to the toilet) and show him that theres only one way in and out and you will be returning in a minute or two.

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Rachael my kids came in the woman's restroom with me until they were 9 & 10 yrs old. There is no rules to when I boy can stop going in the woman's restroom. There is no way in a year I would be allowing my 4 yr old to go in the men's restroom by himself he will continue to come with me until he is 9 or 10 also.

Sherri - posted on 06/17/2010




I have always gone in front of my children. We have 1 bathroom and 5 family members so it is inevitable there is more than 1 person in the bathroom at a time. I do daycare and when I first had them they were infants this is there second home they would randomly push the door open and come in. There mom knew this and was fine heck everytime I went to their house they would do it there too. I would mention in to his mom and see what she has to either recommend or say about it. She may not care or it could be a really big issue.

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I feel kind of weird about ging in front of my son too, and would definitely feel weird going in front of someone else's kid. I don't think there is really anything wrong with it at 18 months though. I would say that for your own son, 5 or 6 is a good age to stop, because that is the age at which they stop letting them in the women's bathroom. But for the other boy, I would just ask the mother what she thinks about it

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