Using the pull out method and haven't gotten pregnant?

Nicole Rose - posted on 03/20/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




I just need some input from some of you ladies out there. I've been off birth control for 5 years now (birth control makes me feel terrible and gave me migraines everyday. Doctor said it contained too many hormones for my body to handle) and have been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend for 4 years. He's been my only partner and we use the pull out method every time (probably not smart, I know). I'm honestly really surprised that I haven't gotten pregnant yet after 4 years of having ALOT of unprotected sex with him. He's like superman when it comes to pulling out and always pulls out at the perfect time it seems like. This leads me to the concern of being infertile? I fear for this everyday. I don't want kids right now but I absolutely do in the future and I guess I'm scared. I know this is more or less a question for the doctors but I just wanted to see if anyone's been in this same scenario. Did you end up getting pregnant eventually after so much unprotected sex? Please help.


Sarah - posted on 03/20/2016




You already know the answer: No one can tell you. I am a school nurse and I have teens who get pregnant the first time they have a BC failure and other kids who have unprotected sex all the time and then are shocked when they do conceive. Maybe your partner is infertile? Go to the doctor.
Also, if you don't want a child now, stop having sex this way. In 5 years many different methods of BC have become available. I would also hop you are getting examined every year for your own health. That examination would be your time to discuss BC, and family planning and fertility concerns.

Raye - posted on 03/21/2016




Here's the math... when the egg is released, it is viable for about 24-48 hours. Sperm can live in the female body for around 3-4 days. So, there's really only a 3-4 day window each month where you can get pregnant. You may ovulate at different times in different months, so that window may not be the same every time. But usually it's about 2 weeks before the start of your period.

While the pull-out method is not a good means of birth control, if your partner is doing it perfectly, then you have a low risk of getting pregnant (but still a risk). When I say "doing it perfectly", I mean that he ALWAYS pulls out well in advance of ejaculation (just to be sure), and he goes to the bathroom to pee (removing any residual sperm in the urethra) before initiating sex again. BUT, pre-ejaculate may contain sperm, and men don't always feel when this fluid is released. Sperm count in this fluid is often very low, and not all men's pre-ejaculate contains sperm, so the likelihood of you becoming pregnant from pre-ejaculate is low but is still a risk. You should look into non-hormonal BC methods that are available if you don't want to get pregnant right now.

So, you've been lucky that this method has worked so well for you. But because you've been having sex this way for years, and haven't gotten pregnant, doesn't mean that you can't get pregnant. Only fertilization testing could tell you for sure.


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