uterine cysts..can anyone help?

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We just found out that my 18 yr old (who we thought might be pregnant) has a cyst in one of her ovaries (which isn't really any big deal) and one in her uterus (which I am concerned about). She hasn't had a regular period since February and I am kind of concerned about the whole thing. When we got the call from the Dr about her cysts she didn't seem too concerned about it. I talked to my gynecologist about it and he wants to see her. From the research I have done about uterine cysts and stuff it all says that women have spotting between periods and also heavier periods. She has only had spotting a few times and no period at all. Does any one have any information about this or any advice for us?


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Check out your naturopath for herbs & remedies to even out your hormone balance & see a Kinesiologist to help sort out the emotional reasons why the hormones are out of balance in the first place. If in Bris call me. Details on my fb page.

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At the age of 21 I too had ovary and uterus cysts. I had already given birth to three healthy children. This was back in the late 60's, and I'm sure they know a lot more than they did then. I wanted more children. My husband and I agreed on four and 2 boys and 2 girls. I had the two boys and one girl. I was told the chances of conceiving again
where almost nil. My surgery was set for Feb. In fact before surgery I signed a consent form so they could do a hysterectomy if needed. I had some painful and irregular periods, and was diagnosed with the cysts, but only ovarian ones, They ended up taking one ovary out and half od the other, There were two cysts inter-uterine, which they also removed. During recovery my own Doctor came in to tell me I would probably never have another baby. I was devastated. But as it will. life goes on and ten months later I gave birth to my 2nd girl.

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I suffer from ovarian cysts. They can be uncomfortable and if one bursts-painful. My SIL has uterine cysts. As long as her were small in number and size, she was fine. Her doctor just kept on eyes on things. When they got to be too numerous or large, she would have surgery and have them removed. She has had three healthy children. The uterine cysts are something that she will want to keep on eye on so that they don't cause scaring that could make getting pregnat a problem. The ovarian cyst will probably slowly go away after she ovulates. If it doesn't, it could burst. When that happens, she will have severe cramping and alot of pain over that ovary. It took about 2 weeks for all the pain to go away. Her body absorbs the fluids from the cysts. my doctor did have an ultrasound done to make sure there was no damage done to my ovary. All was good. I do know when ovulate from that ovary know-I have some cramping when it happens. Good luck to her!

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If you're still looking for support, Google - Reproductive Replenish program.

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Not sure I can help but I have a couple of cysts as well and it doesn't really have any adverse reactions for me. However, each woman and the cysts can react differently. If a GYN wants to see her then let him. It might be something or nothing. Better safe than sorry though.

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I have uterine cysts to. They are very common. If your doctor isn't concerned then I'm sure there is nothing to worry about. I have had them all my life. I have endometroisis too. I had a laperoscopy done and they got rid of all of my cysts and other problems.

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Uterine cysts are developmental or they cud happen due to cystic degeneration in a fibroid. In a 18 ye old more likely to be developmental. How big are they? Ovulation pain is called mittleshmertz and usquite common and yes women will know when they r ovulating...in a young woman ov cysts above 5 cm are likely to cause concern anything smaller is usually physiological and shud resolve spontaneously. Hope this is reassuring.:)

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Thank you Kathy. I have had cysts on my ovaries as well and they just burst or went away. When they burst they are painful and now I have alot of pain in my right ovary when I ovulate. With your SIL, did she ever not have periods from the cysts? Amanda still hasn't had a period, just some spotting.

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