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Sarah - posted on 04/25/2016




Amen! Mondays are always rough, but today took the cake. I float among all of the local schools, but my office is at the High School. I go there Monday mornings to return calls and review IEPs etc. Office work. Today, I had 7 girls lined up outside my door at 6:30 (school starts at 7:00) All bitching about who got there first! You see, whomever has the earliest dated positive pregnancy test, or one done my me, gets the next slot on the waiting list for the daycare! Only 3 of the 7 could be pregnant, 1 for sure the other 2 too soon to tell according to the information of " I had sex on Saturday and think I am pregnant" . Thankfully the other 4 were negative. Where am I going wrong? I teach, I lecture, I give out free condoms, I pitch abstinence. I try to get these girls to wait! I really do. i can hardly wait til nest week, Prom is Saturday......UUGGGHHHHHH!

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