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I had three babies in four years. This summer my children will be 6, 3, and 2. We haven't left the state for almost five years and I'm dying to take a trip with my children this summer! We live in the Kansas City area and I am not patient or wealthy enough to fly anywhere with my three children. Do any of you have any ideas for some place 'driveable' which would be fun and appropriate for children my age... we really need to get out!!!


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Hi, I have 3 kids also, almost 5, 2 1/2, & newborn. We have traveled a lot with our kids. We live in SD and all of our family is in VA. Last summer we drove for the first time with them. It took 2 days but they did great. I packed a cooler with all our food and drinks. They had toys, videos, & ate so we only stopped for gas and the bathroom. We let them walk around and run when we stopped. Usually that is our vacation, visiting family but we also have been to the beach and Disney World. Some of our family went with us so we always had help. This summer I want to go to the Black Hills in SD. There is so much to do there. Hopefully they will do well no matter what you decide.

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Hi Kelly....I took my kids to a five day trip to Disney about 3 years ago.  Then they were 10 and 6.  I was a little worried the 6rd old wouldn't have so much fun but Disney was amazing.  We stayed at the Carribean Beach Hotel/Resort.  Disney offers great packages and if you find the perfect time to go my advise is not to go in June.  It was blazing hot outside.  Air conditioned restaurants were a wonderful.  What I enjoyed the most was how easy it was to get from the hotel/resort to the parks.  The room key was also our passes to the parks and allowed us to get on their buses.  We didn't have to worry about renting a car or anything.  Also, the food at the resort we stayed in was cheap.  For 5 days I only spent $300 in food and that including a nice dinner at a restuarant.  I would definately go back again.

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My kids are 13 & 9 but they have ALWAYS loved to take "road trips".  I try finding places within about a 2hr drive or less that we can stay the night.  State parks are great and even offer cabins.  Not sure about your area but just an idea.

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I have 3 kids close in age too. Mine are 7,5, and 4. 3 in 3 years. I love day trips. Especially in the summer. The zoo, the park, waterpark, wherever. It's simple and gets you all out together. Some families enjoy camping, a cottage is a good idea. We go to a cottage each summer that my parents rent and my sister's family goes too. We all hang out for a few days. The kids love it! We don't go anywhere except swimming, boating, and playing in the sand. We live in Ontario. The only other place we've gone on holidays is Nova Scotia to visit relatives. We've rented a cabin there and the kids loved it. Eventually the day will come when you can travel more. I'm waiting to take the kids to Disney. I may try next year. Wanted to make sure the youngest was old enough. It's easier to travel when the kids are older, so I know we can do more eventually. Right now day trips are good.

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Hi Kelly,

My three kids were close in age (they're all late teens now) and in order to have a getaway with the less stress, we rented a cabin or cottage that was strategically located near things we wanted to see or do (ie on a nice quiet lake because kids love water and sand!) My advice is plan a trip the kids will like....the simpler the better because it'll be less stress on you!!  The more you try to incorporate what you want to do on a trip will raise the kids anxieties!!! Do what they love....with some consessions!! I live in Ontario so unfortuanately I can't help you as to "where"!  Good luck !!

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