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Tricia - posted on 08/17/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi! So my ex and I are not finally divorced yet. We have two beautiful children together, ages 12 & 10. Unfortunately his cheating and constant going out destroyed our marriage. After his first affair we sought therapy and tried to work it out for 3 years, however, he found another girlfriend and he left the children and I.

Anyway, when we got married we honeymooned in Key West. At that time we purchased a timeshare which we would spend a week yearly there with our children. Many good memories and some bad. Financially I can not keep the timeshare and he has offered to buy me out. He wrote to me that he wants to keep this vacation spot because the children always ask about it and that it would be a great vacation for he and the kids. Well this morning he left for Key West, no children in tow, but his girlfriend along with him. I am having a very difficult time emotionally with this seeing that he will be with her where we used to be and where we started our marriage. Our 14th wedding anniversary is also during his week down there with her. I hold nothing against this woman and when he decides to bring her into our childrens lives that she is kind. It just hurts that someone can be soooo shallow and that she is sharing in place that began my marriage.

He was supposed to have his children today and tomorrow but reliquished is vistation to fulfill his needs. Am I angry? Yes!!!!! I think I am so hurt because he will help me financially for the childrens extra-curricula activities. He does pay chlld support which most of us all know is not enough to raise two children. Sick of feeling so defeated by his abilities of doing what he wants when he wants even at the expense of his own children.


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Michelle - posted on 08/18/2014




I agree with Evelyn. I understand that it was a special place for you but it no longer is special, it's just a place.
It sounds like you need to get some help to move on from your marriage though. If it's over you need to let go of these things and realize that he has moved on.

Ev - posted on 08/18/2014




I feel for you but unfortunately, you can not control how he lives his live now that you are going through a divorce and so on. I know it hurts that he is taking her to a place that was special to you as well, but again you can not tell him he can not do that. You two decided to split. As to the children, its his loss if he decides that his GF is more important than his visits to his kids. THey will see this as they grow up.

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