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I am due in the middle of January. My brother and his wife just had a baby and they have a beautiful daughter! We live in New York City and I've been reading so many things which discuss the dangers of vaccinating. He seems to not be phased by it while I certainly am. If it's possible, I would like to hear from Moms who have not vaccinated and I would love to know how your kids have fared. Do you find that they are sick less often than those who are vaccinated? I am really nervous for when the decision is mine to make but this little baby of theirs is just incredibly alert and magnificent in every aspect! Please help. They will have to find a daycare that will accept unvaccinated children if that is the route they go. I would love to hear from everyone but especially Moms who didn't vaccinate. Thanks in advance!


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I'm slightly confused as well. It sounds like you're unsure of vaccinating, but that your brother has decided not to? (the indicator is that "they would have to look for a daycare that will accept unvaccinated children)

As far as whether or not to vaccinate, it is a personal decision. It needs to be accompanied by a lot of research. Personally, I did most of the recommended vaccinations with my kids. The exception was varicella vaccine, as it was experimental at the time, and has subsequently been determined to be given to children over the age of 1.

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If you are only asking to hear from mothers who have not vaccinated, I fail to see how you are actually getting a broad range of views on this issue. It seems like your mind is already made up and you are just seeking mothers to validate you. If you are actually still trying to make a decision, you would be seeking views from all mothers, those who vaccinate AND those who don't. Having one side of the story is not an informed decision.

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I was kinda confused if your asking for you being pregnant or for you brothers kid but,
I know it says you would like to hear mostly from unvaccinated mother, but I got vaccinated when I was pregnant with my daughter. She was born on her exact due date with no problems. She is now two and has gotten all her vaccinations every time she was suppose too. She is 2 so in the past two years her entire life, she has never had a cold or the flu she is completely healthy. She is not allergic too any medication she has no conditions or allergies too food. I had too get vaccinated when I was pregnant because of my own health issues, but my daughter is the model of perfect health the doctors say.

But at the end of the day after all the comments and doctors recommendations and research. Its the parents choice because parents have the best interest for their child at heart. I just think Theres always going too be information that says everything from vaccines to medicine is safe or not safe because nothing is ever granted 100% and not every person is the same.

But hope you get the answers your looking for and wish you well, congratulations on being a new mommy soon


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