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Melissa - posted on 03/11/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




So I recently got my 4 month old his second course of a few vaccine on 3/6/2015, after this he seems alot more fussy, in particular at night. He also recently started rolling over and does this thing where he arches back and rolls over to the right side. ( also important to note he has always had a lot of gerd). At night he is really restless and will sleep but awakes often and fidgets. I am concerned because I have always been skeptical about vaccines. He was supposed to get three vaccines at this visit but I delayed the last one until 4 weeks later. Otherwise everything seems pretty good, he's still eating and latching on and playing.
Any advise would help


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Sarah - posted on 03/11/2015




I would agree with Jodi. Sounds like normal behavior for his age. Sometimes if you go into a situation already having negative thoughts then you tend to find the negative no matter if it is truly there or not.

Jodi - posted on 03/11/2015




The trouble with vaccines and this whole debate is that at the time your child receives vaccines, they are often in the process of developing certain milestones, or changing their routines naturally.

At 4 months, if your child is starting to roll over, that's normal. It may well coincide with the vaccine. For them to arch their back to roll over, that is their way of working out how to move around.

To wake often and fidget, it may be that they are going through a bit of a growth spurt. Still no concerning signs there.

Skeptical about vaccines? Why? I would suggest you are looking for something wrong. From what you describe, I think you need to relax.

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