Vegetarian 1-year-old baby-enough protein?

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We are a vegetarian family (no meat, fish nor eggs-dairy ok) and am wondering if there are any other veggie mamas out there with advice to share on what to feed a one year old, so that he gets all the nutrients needed! thanks


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My son won't usually eat meat. He nurses quite a bit still, so I don't really worry about it. He likes tofu and beans. I agree w/ speaking to a dietitian. :)

Iridescent - posted on 02/07/2010




A dietitian would be a great thing to see. They'll tell you how to pair foods so the protein is beneficial, and what ones are high in proteins on their own. There is no reason a vegetarian diet would cause a problem, unless you don't research it.

Kristy - posted on 02/07/2010




Sharon would benefit by doing a little bit more either internet reading or talking to a registered child dietician. If you did you would find my comment about most toddlers being mainly vegetarians is more then true. Just because you had your kids that took to meat with out an issue does not mean that speaks for the majority, try asking the parents of some of your friends if their kids would eat meat at 11 months let alone later on.

Most kids dont even have the ability to eat meat other then mince or some chicken at 11 months and that doesnt leave much to work with. Its a well known fact that a large percentage of children dont eat meat.

I find the internet a great sorce for all things child related and also never rely totally on it. If i plan on changing anything for my child or find something odd i always run it passed my dr or chemist.

Alison i did a search at the top of this page were the little search icon is for vegetarian. It gave me several links for raising vegetarian children check it out there are some great ideas on all of it.

Sharon - posted on 02/07/2010




Kristi braun is a nut to try and speak for "most" toddlers. None of my kids had an issue with accepting meat.

I'm with Tamra - see a REAL REGISTERED DIETICIAN. Don't rely on the internet.

Kristy - posted on 02/07/2010




Hi at this age most little ones are mostly vegetarian anyway as a lot wont go to near meat. What your best option for both protein, carbs, and iron is baked beans, these three nutrients are the main ones you need to watch. I would also keep your little one on something like pedisure or a toddler formula at least one full cup a day. As she gets older she will be able to go straight for a chewable multi, but even then you still need to watch the diet. I have a 4 year old that is a close to vegetarian you can get and this is some of the things a child dietician told me to try. I just read you dont eat fish either which means you will need to look at something like an omega 3 suppliment also.

Basically an sort of bean, baked beans from cans\legumes that sort of thing.
Tofu is also good and can be used in heaps of different ways.
There is also something you can buy called veggie ground, its like a mince meat and can be used in almost all the same ways including to make home made sausages.
Enriched milk, another words add powdered milk to all milk products.
You need carbs also like pasta, cereals, and breads. Carbs are the thing that help children's bodies retain some of the sugar they take in and stop them from getting low blood sugar.
Green veggies also brocolli, spinach, and all sorts.

I had to start using this sort of diet mainly because my little girl wouldnt keep weight on and we still stick rather close to it now. She doesnt have meat restrictions and is encourage to have soft meat when we have it but never eats a great deal of it. I had to wean her off formula over 2 tins as she didnt take to regular cows milk, i tried heaps of different ones till we settled on organic. Good luck with it all and i would also try and talk to a child health nurse

Tamra - posted on 02/06/2010




I think that you absolutely need to go to a registered dietitian that is your doctor recommends. You need to get a weekly meal planner from them and then base your son's diet on this. Please don't go on advice from anyone else. There is a website "World's Healthiest Foods" which has a "food advisor" that can tell you which nutrients a person is lacking based on diet.

Josie - posted on 02/06/2010




We're not vegatarian, but my daughter might as well be. She will not even consider eating meat so I have to supplement with lots of dark greens like baby spinach and romaine lettuce. Also I would suggest trying a meal drink like a boost Kids or a Pedisure. Even one 8 ozdrink a day should provide enough protein, nutrition and calories to not have to worry what food has enough vitamins and so on. And tofu isn't to bad if you puree in with a sweet fruit like peaches. Just just one 1in cube of tofu, 1 tbsp on fruit juice and a fresh peice of fruit. You can also try hard boiled eggs slice thin its a great finger food and taste with just a pinch of salt. Hope this helps!

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