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I am a born vegetarian. However my husband and in laws are not one. My wish is to bring up my little girl aged 19 months just like me. Simply because I don't know how to cook non vege and that was how I was brought up. Besides this issue, in my family life, as a daughter in law and a wife, I'm not given any respect as one and I just don't have a say in everything. Everything has to be as per my husband and my MIL's wish. So, please give me some advise on how should I handle this issue regarding my girl to be a vegetarian like me because everyone else are not in favour of my wish


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I have been a vegetarian for almost 20 years. I did not know how to cook meat either, but i learned because I felt it was necessary. I don't eat it, but I can cook it. I don't like to but I do it for my family.

Kids actually do not digest meat properly until they are about 2 years old. But after that point, if your family is interested in offering meat, maybe you all can come to some sort of compromise. I fully understand you do not want to cook the meat yourself, but maybe others can make it and feed it instead of you. Please remember, this is not only just your child, and the father has a say in what your child can eat. It is not solely your decision. BUT they should certainly respect your personal choice for yourself not to eat meat. I personally don't force my lifestyle on anyone. If my children later in life choose to be vegetarians, I will support that. But I am not going to force then to, and dictate how others can or cannot feed them (in terms of healthy foods of course)


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Are you respecting your husband's wish? I mean, clearly he doesn't want to raise his daughter as a vegetarian, and you do, so essentially NEITHER of you are respecting the other's wishes.

I personally don't think raising a child as a vegetarian purely because you don't know how to cook it is a particularly good reason to stand your ground. If you were my partner and I didn't agree with you on this, that is NOT an argument that is going to sway my viewpoint. I think you have to have a better reason than that.

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