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I have this friend who intentionally had two kids by two guys, now she's planning on a third from a THIRD guy. She doesn't work, doesn't apply for jobs, and is on state assistance. She brags about how she intentionally plans to get pregnant with each time she's had a kid, yet she constantly says stuff on FB about how she needs help with groceries and posts online looking for free formula. What the heck? Would anyone else be irritated by this? She's on her parent's insurance which covers birth control too so it's not that she can't afford it. She's also close to a planned parenthood, which gives out free condoms and low cost birth control pills. Even so, she PLANS these pregnancies! She tracks her ovulation and then intentionally has unprotected sex during those times.

Sorry to throw all this out there, but it's just freaking annoying. She also constantly pawns off her kids so she can go to the club yet doesn't want to pay anything.


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Anna - posted on 04/25/2012




It's people like that who make me hate public assistance programs. I myself have known people who kept having kids they couldn't afford because they got more tax breaks and were able to live off the system. It disgusts me, because it gives those programs a bad rap and takes away resources from people who actually need them.

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