Very Attached baby being hard on Daddy, Help?

Rebecca - posted on 07/26/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Celine is now 6 months old, and proving to come with more and more challenges. Instead of doing things like sleeping when she's tired, she prefers to scream at us. Not cry, but more yell. I'm trying to not be a time hog with her, as I know daddy works a long day and wants to see his daughter when he can. I try and let him hold her and play with her. he's getting down though because she's not being cuddly. She pushes on his face if he tries to go in for a kiss or holds her too close to him. She only lets me rock her to sleep and looks to me when she's scared or upset. What's really getting to him, is she cries and cries when I disappear for any time. I try to have fast showers when I have them, but she's crying away at daddy the whole time I do. When I make a meal or do any housework she needs to able able to see me. I can't even brush my teeth without her crying like 'mommy!' at me. My question is, how do I work on her being more receptive to him? He puts himself down because of all this and I don't want him to be more stressed then his work already does to him. Not to mention my Mother and Sister are a whole new level of stress he isn't use to as we're now living close range to them.

How do I help the Daddy and baby relationship grow beyond that of 'with mommy supervision'


Chet - posted on 07/26/2013




You just need to be patient. It is very, very normal for babies to prefer their mothers. It won't be long, probably around the time she's a year old, maybe a little longer, and she'll prefer daddy. Moms of toddlers post all the time complaining that they feel so rejected because their older baby or toddler is pushing them away and only wants daddy! This has nothing to do with anybody doing anything wrong or needing to do something differently. It's how things are with babies a lot of the time. Your husband should try to understand, and try to spend time with the baby when she's in a good mood (like in the morning, or after naps) or with the two of you together. Don't worry. As long as he continues to be a stable fixture in her life she will be completely adoring him sooner than you think.

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