Very bored living with workaholic and not feeling loved.

Elizabeth - posted on 06/03/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




I am so bored and have absolutely no sex drive. My fiance is a workaholic, all he wants to do is work around the house all the time which I enjoy doing too but not when it feels like forced labor and I kind of want to have some fun on the weekends because I'm still in college and this is my summer off from classes while I'm still working full time and taking care of the home and my family. I want to have some fun with my family now.

He also does free lance work which I think is great because it is what allows us to have our nice home and our vehicles and always provide for our daughter, but he gets so intense and so into it that I feel pretty ignored and lonely, because he doesn't like me talking to him and he gets really hateful when I do speak to him. I tell him all the time he is not respecting me or paying attention to me like he should and it just sparks the huge fights I'm always on here saying we get into.

However, even though all that is going on, he still expects me to be ready to go at the end of HIS night (I'm usually ready to go to sleep long before he's bed) but I just can't even get turned on anymore. I'm attracted to him, but I feel more like an outsider watching him do his thing and like I don't matter. I don't get turned on or feel like having sex anymore because I don't like I matter and I don't feel sexy. It's just becoming a problem for me and there are days that I feel like I can't do through with marrying him because I don't want to spend my life feeling like 2nd best and feeling under appreciated. I do a lot for the home and for my family and I do a lot at my job, on top of that I'm still trying to finish college and when I am not busy with classes I want some time to enjoy life and feel loved and be excited about something, which I'm just not anymore.

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