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HI Im new here ..have a question for all u moms n grandmas . i have legal custody n im raising my grandson since he was about 3 n a hlf months old . he was loosing weight spending his days in his chair n just seriously neglected before we took over :-( since we have had him hes alert chuncky happy n sooooo loved ! we now hit 9 months old n have a few concerns developmentaly . he always hated tummy time even when i did everything n anything to make it fun . he is sitting up nice but doesnt try n catch himself if he is gonna fall over ...thats a major concern NO? he doesnt get up on his own he needs to be put in the sitting position .and has NO interest in crawling whatso ever . he does run like a bandit in his walker ,speaks some words UP , DADA, NO he waves bye bye n kisses ,love that ! are these delays just part of being so neglected in the begining ? should i get him checked by PT or OT ? my hubby thinks its cause we do everything for him , we have 7 yes 7 lol children in the house over age 10 , so he always has someone to count on ...


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My daughter hated tummy time too, she got every where by scooting in her butt it took her awhile but she got where she wanted to go. She didn't crawl till she was 14 months old and then the next day she started walking by herself.

It sounds like he's doing very well otherwise. I would express your concerns in his next checkup but like Katherine said I wouldn't push him.


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My boy hated tummy time with a passion. I still did it though, just in small increments throughout the day. A few mins here and a few mins there, until he got the hang of it. My boy did not crawl until 10months, he didn't sit on his own until 7months (and he would fall over at times too). He started to army crawl at 7 months but no real crawling until 10. He walked at 12 months but that is not saying another child may walk earlier or much later. my daughter was 7 months 3 weeks when she walked and 4 month when she sat on her own, she never ever crawled, she did the man cub maneuver (on her hands and feet) at around 5.5 months.

It sounds to me you are doing an amazing job! Don't fret, he will be running in no time. If you ever are concerned I would always fall on their doctor for advice or to help wave my concerns... Although this is a great site to get a solid feel of what is happening for sure.

Good Luck - keep up the awesome work! ;)

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Carla, you are doing an amazing job!

One of my twins started crawling at 6 months. The other one was just happy being carried around.

Now at 9 months, one is about to walk on her own and the other one just started crawling. She still lays on the floor and "cries" until someone goes and pick her up.

Not all the babies crawl so don't worry much about it.

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thankyou everyone .... I try not to over look or over think to much ..or compare to my own 6 babies, i have two with CF and one who is autistic so i have been through it all .but knowing what he went through i think i tend to over do and over think sometimes and worry . this is my sons girlfriend who did alot of drugs in the past , just not a good situation and knowing all he went through in the begininng before we took over breaks my heart . he is such a little angel and i hope she didnt take drugs when she was pregnant . we have legal custody but are trying to fully adopt him so we know he is protected long term . wish us luck :-)

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I don't think that's any cause for concern at this point. It may not even have anything to do with his past- some kids are just happy the way they are for a while! Try not to worry- sounds like you're doing great!

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Some kids reach milestones much later and you may be right about the neglect thing. You also may be right about everyone doing things for him. A lot of kids HATE tummy time. I would let him be a few minutes each day, get him a play gym maybe? Get him some toys that motivate him, but don't push him, it sounds like he's been through a lot.

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