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Krista - posted on 12/01/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello Fellow Moms,

This is my first time posting on here. I just joined the group. I have a question about my first postpartum period. My son is 16 and a half months and I am still breastfeeding him. He has not been very interested in solids until recently. I just got my period yesterday fro the first time in 2 years and 2 months. Can't say I've missed it. Hahaha. The reason I'm posting, however, is it is incredibly heavy. I have never really had heavy periods. With this one I am soaking through a super tampon about every hour to two hours. It just doesn't stop. I bled a lot after giving birth, of course, but I've never had a regular menstrual cycle like this. Is it normal for your first postpartum period to be extremely heavy? If so, do they typically stay like this or will they lighten up after a while?

Thanks Moms!



Shauna - posted on 12/02/2012




I think it's normal just because your body has had more time to grow the lining to obtain a pregnancy and since you never got pregnant all that lining had to shed. I'd say it will lighten up after time. I can't remember what my first period was like after my first son but after my miscarriage in October my first period after that was very heavy.

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