Very picky eater really need help getting more food in her little body...

Barb - posted on 07/24/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




Having a lot of trouble eating my toddler to eat meals. She only snacks and like snack foods. Will eat fruit. I have a lot of trouble getting vegtables of any kind in her or meats and grains sometimes too. She cries when you put her in her high chair and cries when you put food in front of her. It's driving me crazy please give me some ideas on how I can get her to eat. Trying to make it fun for her just don't work she cries right away.


Kellie - posted on 07/24/2011




Make it fun, cut up carrots, celery etc and arrange it into a face or person on the plate, that way she can giggle as she eats his nose or ears etc.

If the High Chair is upsetting her sit her on the big person chair (obviously sit next to her and supervise) so that she can feel more included and feel like a big girl. Kids LOVE feeling grown up.

Ask her to 'help' you with dinner, can you help her to help you set the table? Is there any other age appropriate task she can do for you while your preparing dinner? Maybe include her in the decision of what to have Veg wise for dinner, say, ask her if she wants Pea's or Corn or Carrot and Sweet Potato etc etc.

Keep veg cut up in the fridge and easily accessible for her at all times, that way if she's hungry she can help herself to it and graze on good healthy food all day and you know she's getting the good stuff into her without it becoming a battle and you trying to force it into her.

Failing all that, make Spaghetti Bolognaise or Lasagne or Stews, ANYTHING you can hide pureed Veggies in!

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