Very Poor circulation in my little ones hands and feet, happen to your babies?

Katie - posted on 04/10/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




My 3.5 month olds hands and feet turn blue randomly, its not all the time, but its alarming when it happens, we've been to the doctors and its not a heart murmur so we are all just thinking its poor circulation as shes growing fast... Has this happened with any of your little ones and was it only poor circulation?


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It use to happen to my son too. He outgrew it as his circulatory system developed. I would give him gentle feet and hand massages when it happened. It use to freak me out but I think it's normal.

April - posted on 04/10/2009




if your talkng about cold hands and feet in an infant that is normal due to an immature circulatory system

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Katrina - posted on 04/10/2009




my daughter use to get this from the time she was born untill she was one i always thought it was because she was cold i use to put two pair of socks on her and mittens on her hands but it did nothing i dont know weather this has anything to do with it but mine always wet alot(just thought it would mention this as they could be signs) use to have to use 2 nappies at a time as well and they thought she had diabetes but no test proved this she is now 9 and she dont get it anymore but she still has a prob with her bladder. good luck it dose go away

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My 21month old has the same thing.  She has had it since birth.  She at random times and when she is cold or angry turns blue.   I had my doctor run a bunch of test and he said that she is ok.  We have tested her for diabetes, ITP, and if it exsist she has been tested. ( I had a brother that died from a heritary disease so I am over conscience.)  I would tell you this is normal and no that does not help with the way you feel but we do it and she is healthy and her daughter can not find out anything with all the test I would say some babies just go through this stage.  One more thing the doctor did say if it get where she could not breathe or where she was turning blue around the mouth or chest them to worry.

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My daughters hands were the same way off and on and now that shes a toddler they dont go blue so much but her hands and normally always cool.. The doc still hasnt told me what it could be due too.. but I wouldnt worry to much if your doctors not to concerned about it right now..just keep your eyes on them and watch for signs that you think may need to be attended too and let your doctor know and keep updating him if it gets worst.. im sure she will outgrow it in time.

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