very risky teenage boy crazy

Anissa - posted on 08/03/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My 15 year old daughter is boy crazy and has been using the internet to meet boys way too old for her. She got caught sneaking out of the house a month ago because she could not get a ride back before we woke up the next morning. When I could not locate her I contacted the police. She was grounded and without friends or electronic devices for the entire month of July. I have recently learned that she was not completely honest about who she was with that night. She confided in a cousin and now that her grounding is over I am scared to death of her turning around and getting herself in another risky situation. My nephew confided in me that she was with a number of 20something boys and she witnessed some pretty scary stuff. He said that he thinks she will sneak out again and he is scared for her. He's a 24 year old boy who has seen some scary stuff himself and if he is worried, than that really frightens me. He refused to tell me all to be loyal to my daughter. I'm not sure how to take away everything again without letting her know that he told me what he promised not to. I do not want to ruin their relationship or the one I have with my nephew.

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