Violent biological father , child support, and visitation

Lori - posted on 04/20/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 7 year old daughter's biological father is incredibly violent person with many domestic violence violations and drug and alcohol problems. He also has mental problems. The victim protection person at the custody hearing where I received sole custody told me I should let her get to know him if at all possibly could. I was not ordered to give visitation. I have been letting him see her (only at my place with myself and Grandparents present) as long as he behaved over the years. I did not go for child support because to be honest I was in fear for my life, my parents lives, and even my pet's life. He has from time to time provided money but it became clear that he only would give money if he came to see her as if she was an amusement park ride and he would not help in between. Lately he has been more angry I've heard rumors that he is doing drugs and alcohol I'm quite sure actually and at times he comes to see her drunk... I turned him away. He has horrible horrible attitude towards women (his mantra is that "all women are sl_ts and who_es" daughter obviously will not benefit from his feelings towards women. He talks in front of her and jokes about his buddies breaking the law as if it's ok and cool and being in jail is actually normal. He's never going to change and he's just going to get worse. When he says he's going to come by he doesn't and it makes her feel bad, he brings by his latest girlfriend and sometimes even brings by his buddies who are off and even dangerous. One guy had his hand in his pocket while he was watching my daughter I was horrified and made them leave. I'm starting to think that he should not be allowed to see her anymore. I'm also wondering if I should go for child support. My question would be in New York state if I finally did go for child support would they force me to allow him to have visitation. He does by the way have felonies. Will they make me give him visitation even if it's chaperones I just don't want to let him hurt her emotionally and psychologically. I think he is starting to hurt her psychologically...


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