Viral gastroenteritis in toddler, vomiting, hasn't eaten for 2 days?

Elizabeth - posted on 02/01/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 17 month old daughter has been vomiting for two days, she hasn't eaten anything in these two days. I've been able to keep her hydrated by giving her 25ml of fluid (hydralite) every 10 minutes. I took her to the emergency deparment yesterday, they sent us home saying she has viral gastroenteritis & for me to give her food & fluids & just let her throw up. I don't feel happy about that.

When should the viral gastroenteritis clear up?

When can I start giving her food?

Is is okay if she hasn't eaten in this time, but is rehydrated?


Tara - posted on 02/01/2010




I agree with Krista. When my daughter had it, our doctor said to keep her hydrated and when she stopped vomiting give her something bland in small amounts. He also said that if she showed any signs of dehydration (listlessness, sunken eyes, really dry skin, etc) then take her in to the ER so they can get her hydrated. My daughter's vomiting and diarrhea cleared up within 72 hours so unless your daughter's symptoms persist past 72 hours or she shows signs of dehydration just keep plugging away at keeping her hydrated and she should get back to normal fairly quickly.

Krista - posted on 02/01/2010




Those are all questions that you should be asking her pediatrician, but as far as I'm aware, viral gastroenteritis (a.k.a. "a stomach bug") should clear up within 48-72 hours. Make sure you keep putting the fluids in her. If she's showing signs of dehydration (listlessness, sunken eyes, or if you pinch the skin on the back of her hand and it stays "tented"), then bring her back to the ER so that they can start giving her fluids intravenously.

I wouldn't give her food until she stops vomiting, and when she does, just give her something bland and easy to digest, like an Arrowroot cookie or some dry toast -- her tummy will be delicate for awhile.

Hope this helps, and hope that she's feeling better soon.


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Elizabeth - posted on 02/01/2010




Thanks for your advice Krista. I'm lucky we have two pediatricians in our family, I've spoken to both of them, they told me what the emergency doctor said. I trust them, I guess I just wanted a mum's approach to this, neither of these pediatricians have children so they are just going on what they learnt at uni, I wanted some hands on advice.

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