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Debbie - posted on 05/05/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is 18 months. His father and I were not married but lived together..when my son was approx 8 months old he out of the blue kicked us out of his home. He signed the paternity avadavit and he signed birth certificate and even claimed him on his taxes but is now asking for a paternity test. We went through mediation and it was horrible, I didnt understand anything I didn't get any of my questions answered so I finally reached a point of just sitting and keeping my mouth shut...I was bombarded into second I was having pre mediation and was suppose to get a notice when mediation was but out blue I get a phone call from the mediator on 3 way with my x asking when I could do mediation and I told her not that week because of my work I said the following week was perfectly fine and she says well after talking to your x we are doing it tomorrow. Anyways he is pushing to see our son but I am scared and confused as what to do because there is no plan in place and I was told till there was he could take him and not bring him back, I have offered to meet him at my Moms , she said she would leave or take my other kids into the house and he could see him but he refuses he always has another plan or wants things another way. I am scared what the judge is going to say here in a few weeks because we go to court for visitation....he hasnt paid me any child support or anything to this point and only seen him 3 months before he kicked us out because he works away a month at a time. I am so scared the judge may say okay hes gone for a month so the child goes with him biggest part of the month he is home or give him long hours with over nights ......I wouldn't be so concerned had he taken care of him when we lived together but he didn't help me at all.....he said he didn't get up with him at night because of his hearing he cant hear him he never bathed him or fed him and even in the court papers he said i took care of him 80 percent and he did about 20. I am just wondering can me not letting him see his son before we go to court hurt me in the end. I am so scared.


Jodi - posted on 05/05/2016




Of course he is pushing to see his son. He has a right to see him. If you are worried he will take him, just organise someone to help you with supervised visits. Record that you have offered him this option, and that he is refusing. Make sure you document everything. Do you have a lawyer?

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