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I have two minor children, 5 and 1. My ex and I are currently swapping my boys every other week. Every time I get them back, my oldest always tells me how much he hates his father, and that he and his grandmother(his fathers mother) are calling him stupid and a b*tch. And he always has a new mark somewhere on his body. No child support is currently being paid, and nothing is court ordered. I fear of what is going on in that house! So my question is. Do I have to let my kids leave with their father? Or can I keep them where I know they're safe! Please help!


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If you don't have a court order... I wouldn't be sending those boys unattended w/ their father. If you have the boys this week.... go down first thing tomorrow and file for emergency temporary custody based off of what your older boy is saying. Also... what kind of marks? Are they scrapes and bruises that can be easily gotten by boys being boys (normal rough housing and playing) or are they marks consistent w/ some type of abuse?

Document EVERYTHING, but you need to get a custody order in place asap cuz w/out one... if you refuse visitation he can take the boys and then you are the one fighting to get them back. I am in favor of kids having a relationship w/ their fathers, but SAFE relationships and it sounds like you may potentially have a case for supervised visitations.

Speak to a lawyer immediately about your concerns. Emphasizing that you want your boys to be able to have a relationship w/ their father, but you have concerns about their physical and emotional well being while they are unsupervised w/ him will be helpful. Lawyers and judges tend not to like it when one parent is trying to prevent the other from having contact w/ the children, but they also DO (typically) care about the safety and well being of those children.

Good luck!!

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You need to go to court ASAP so he can have supervised visitation. And also so he pays child support. If he is being verbally and physically abused you need to write this down and take pictures.

Get a lawyer and file for supervised visitation.


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