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My daughter was molested by a 13 year old boy and her father was asleep and i will not allow my children at that house but the child support order states that there dad gets visitation. My kids dad denies this and has said that they made up this whole story so that i wont let him see his kids. That boy that molested my daughter lives with my kids dad and i refuse to let my kids go over there. My daughter is the victim of a criminal prosecution and i dont get paid any child support and need help but i cant afford an attorney and i have tried to get legal aid but they always say their case loads are to full to take another. What can i do ladies any suggestions?


Ev - posted on 12/22/2013




Okay, child support orders and visitation are separate things.

If you are not getting the child support, is there a child support enforcement agency there in your area? If so contact them and give them all the information you have on the father for the child support issues. They will not help with the visitation. As far as visitation goes, if he has unsupervised visitation that allows for over nights and you have not brought proof of said allegations about this boy to the police to check into and get something done about, you can not keep the kids from their father. Until such time, you present proof that event happened and/or can prove without doubt that being in the house with dad and whoever lives with him is a danger to your kids, he can get you for not allowing him to have his kids. Did you call the police or child services when this even happened? If not, the burden then is on you.

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