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Ashley - posted on 08/14/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have two children...age 11 and 13 . We live in louisiana and they do not want to visit their dad due to being very uncomfortable when they are with him. Very unstable environment. However is trying to force them to come. Any suggestions....Feeling helpless!


Ev - posted on 08/14/2013




I think in most places or states that children have to be a lot older than that to make those choices. WHere I live a kid has to be at least 14 or 15 to not have to go to a visitation on their choice. You should check the laws of your state to be sure that they can do that. IF not you are violating a court ordered visit with their father. They may not like it but they will have to go. Unfortunately, they do not have much say in this as I am sure that if mine could have had it their way they would not have been with their dad and his wives or girlfriends. But they had no choice....they had to go.

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I believe that your kids are old enough to make the decision if they wanted to visit. As long as the kids really don't want to and it's not a decision they are making because of your feelings. The dad might resent you but when they get older, they can explain their choice to him. Don't force them because that might make a situation even more uncomfortable. Hope this helps!


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