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Daisy - posted on 04/18/2013 ( 8 moms have responded )




What's the best vitamins/brand will I buy to increase the height of my son? I would prefer if the vitamins are from US. He's 8 year-old boy

Thanks mommies


♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 04/22/2013




Vitamins have nothing to do with height.

Your genetic background will determine the average height of your child.

Dove - posted on 04/19/2013




Vitamins don't make someone taller.....

You feed him a varied, healthy diet and make sure he has plenty of opportunities for exercise and he will grow to be the height that he is genetically designed to be.

Jodi - posted on 04/19/2013




It's called real healthy food. If your kids eat well, with balanced meals, they don't need additional vitamins. Vitamins are really only useful if you are lacking. If your son is meant to be tall, he will be, but additional vitamins aren't going to make him taller that his genetic code says he will be unless he has a crappy diet (in which case, you should do something about that, because his height won't be the only issue).

If, however, your son has a growth problem, then you need to see a doctor because it may be something that requires medical intervention.

Tee - posted on 04/19/2013




There is no vitamin that will make anyone taller. Make sure he is eating healthy balanced meals and snacks. If he is on any medication that could stunt his growth (some adhd, di-polar meds etc) then see if you can do "summer holidays" or "weekend holidays"

One of my sons was always tiny from infancy until he was about 14/15. Now he is a normal size adult.

Talk with you doctor to make sure that there is not any underlying medical condition.


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Jodi - posted on 04/24/2013




@ Julia, if your child already has a healthy diet, vitamins have NOTHING to do with height. What you quoted is all good an fine, but when it comes down to it, an average, healthy 8 year old boy who eats a healthy diet is not going to grow any taller if he takes vitamins. in FACT there is such a thing as vitamin toxicity, and there can be negative side effects.

Tracey - posted on 04/22/2013




Ditto on everything said about it not being a specific vitamin. It's a good diet, overall: meat, vegetables, milk/cheese, eggs, nuts, fruit, pretty much in that order. Not Pop-tarts and pot pies and anything it required a factory to make. Shop around the edge of the grocery, getting ingredients like chicken and cheese rather than "Mrs. Bothwell's Fancy Chicken Casserole" that's already made. Cut back on sugars (including starches/grains/potatoes, which your cells and bloodstream treat exactly the same as sugar). Good snacks are nuts, cheese cubes, cut-up veggies, berries, and melons. Avocados, too. My kids are all a good height and weight from having eaten like this for years.

Julia - posted on 04/22/2013




Your body requires an adequate supply of vitamins and nutrients to grow and develop properly. Height growth begins during infancy and continues through late adolescence. Most growth spurts occur between the ages of 8 to 13 years for girls and 10 to 15 years for boys, according to Chris Beckett, author of the book "Human Growth and Development." Genetics, medical conditions, medications and vitamin deficiencies can interfere with height growth. A variety of vitamins can support healthy development and help children grow taller.

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Stacy - posted on 04/22/2013




While I agree that vitamins don't help you grow, per se, my son was born very early and was only 1 lb 15 oz at birth. His doctors recommended giving him extra supplements of Vitamin D. Vitamin D (most commonly received through exposure to sunlight!) helps with building strong bones and healthy muscles (and boosting the immune system). So while not a direct correlation to growth, it helps the body's structure FOR growing and overall health. And it doesn't hurt him to get a little extra D. You can buy it OTC in many forms.

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