Waitig lists for help with children. Why do children have to wait so long For Help?

Leanne - posted on 04/23/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi all,

My son is 4 in one month he still is not talking( a few words but not much he tries but its conceded to be baby talk still. My partner keeps looking at me to understand what his saying), hardly eats anything, very picky with food (to the point that he does not get fruit, veg or any real protein in his diet. I have tyred everything short of sitting on him and force feeding him) and social skills are not that great either. I have tyred/applied for all the professional help but have to wait till July for anything to start happening. I have had family members and others suggested to me that my son may have autism.

now i also have a 8month old that has moderate hearing loss in both ears. I’m finding it very challenging to help both my little darlings develop properly.

My family members live in another state so I cannot get help from them. the doctors and all the people that are meant to help are no help at all.

mean while I do all I can to help them both. with their speech, hearing skills, fine/big motor skills an playing games and everything I can think of.

What can I do to help my little man. Is there some way any one knows to get kids checked out without waiting forever.

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