waiting for labour to start feeling very down....

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My waters broke at 26 weeks Iam now 32 weeks I ahve had steroids and nafedapine. I have had x2 edge placental bleeds and havent stopped bleeding for nearly a month. I go up to the birth suite ad tell them when the bleeding is getting heavy but they treat me with such contempt. like a silly little child annoying them AGAIN...I said to on e midwife today it doesn't feel right to be bleeding all the time she just said some women just do you will have to get over it go find a hobby...

Thanks for that it wasn't helpful at all. So I also have issues with obsorbtion I have no intestine from my illium to me duadenum so I don't obsorb like normal people and they were looking at putting in a nasal gastric tube 2 weeks ago. Funny a really bitchy midwife said to me just after I went into multiple organ failure...why would you put your self and everyone else through all this knowing how sick you would get. Firstly I didn't know and secondly we actually decieded to wait to have a baby after our 9th miscarrage at around 12 weeks until the doctor could investigate why and then as soon as that decision was made what do you know I am pregnant and after 9 miscarriages you have got a fat chance in hell of me terminating. So I am now waiting to go into labour "properly" cause as anyone with APB would know blood causes the uterous to become irritatated so I basically contract all the time. On top of that I have developed a grade 2 uterine prolapse as well as a bowel prolapse so I have to be super carful not to get constipated or my inside come out. and I have getsational diabetes on top of dumping syndrom with conflict each other some times I wish I could hit the rest button when they were designing me . I have also got hyper extensive diorder where by my tendons randomly let go and tear which is not fun the only treatment for this is to were a pregnancy belt which as soon as it is on pushes my prolapses out.. I had a pessary put in and the doctor accidently inserted it into my already opened cervix and dialated it further. NO NOT that kind of pessary a ring pessary they use them to hold up prolapses they are 8.5cm across and look like a donut. please excuse me I am already prdicting someone will have some smart arss answer and treat me like a moron that has not been present during my ordeal sorry I meant to say pregnancy.


Katherine - posted on 04/09/2012




My God, you poor thing. I don't think anyone is going to treat you like a moron. This seems like more of a vent. I don't really have any advice except for hang in there!

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