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My daughter is 7.5 months. she wakes up crying in the middle of her sleep. I go in and pick her up and she stops crying. I do not know if she has a stomach ache or if it's just seperstion anxiety. If she had a stomach ache, wouldn't she still be crying even when holding her?

she falls back asleep.


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It's really hard to tell why a baby wakes up it could be separation anxiety or teething or a growth spurt or a jump in skills; as well as illness. If she isn't showing other signs of feeling ill than I wouldn't assume it was that. With my kids (20 months old and 9 months old) when they cry out in the night I give them 5 minutes before I go into the room and most of the time they put themselves back to sleep. If they don't go back to sleep on their own then I go in and try to sooth them without picking them up. Only after both of those don't work do I pick them up. Both my kids go through times when they wake up in the night for a few days to a week and then start to sleep through the night again the last time my daughter went through it was at 8 months.

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